Practice Areas


Susan has nearly three decades of experience litigating and negotiating divorces of all sizes ranging from a single asset case to the most complex multi-asset cases. Susan has the experience to negotiate, or, if necessary litigate, to the satisfaction of her clients no matter what is involved, be it businesses, trusts, pensions or retirement plans of all kinds. No case is too big or too small.

Custody & Visitation

Custody is a very emotional area of family law as it involves our children, our most precious assets. Susan has vast experience with all forms of custody cases, including those which involve shared custody, relocation, supervised visits when the parent is incapable of caring for the children, or otherwise poses a danger, and those where one parent needs to be awarded sole legal custody.

Susan has helped her clients negotiate emotional issues involving the custody process including psychological evaluations, custody evaluations, and alcohol and drug evaluations. Susan and her staff pride themselves on staying very involved with her clients every step of the way.

Prenuptial Agreements

With experience in all aspects of divorce law in Pennsylvania, Susan is the perfect choice for drafting your Prenuptial Agreement to help individuals avoid the potential pitfalls of a divorce action and to protect your assets and income.

Susan has drafted many types of Prenuptial Agreements, ranging from simple agreements that exclude premarital assets to those that help parties avoid divorce litigation. Prenuptial Agreements are valid and binding in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and with proper advice and drafting can be a useful and beneficial tool to protect your premarital assets and/or your business.

Property & Real Estate

Dividing property and real estate is another often emotional area of family law. Susan has handled many property rights matters, including those where a property may be owned with the parent of a spouse, a sibling of a spouse, or where a property is transferred, during the marriage or after the separation, to third parties. Susan has also handled situations where the parties that own property together are living together without being married. Susan can prepare cohabitation agreements and handle partition actions involving the distribution of property when you are not married. Susan has full knowledge of the different ways to own property and the benefits of owning properties either by joint tenants, tenants in common, or tenants by the entireties.

Separation Agreements

Throughout the course of her experience and education, Susan has designed extensive Separation Agreements, Property Settlement Agreements, and Divorce Agreements. Susan has been trained to ensure that all issues and details are covered and finalized in a professional and competent manner.

Child & Spousal Support & Alimony

Susan has extensive knowledge in negotiating and litigating all forms of Support Orders, including Child Support Orders, Spousal Support Orders, Interim Support Orders, Temporary Alimony Orders, and Alimony Orders. Susan is well versed in Pennsylvania State Guidelines and stays up-to-date on all of the latest rules, legislative regulations, and case law to ensure that her clients are afforded with the best representation and receive or pay the best Orders possible.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparents and third parties, including step-parents, have legal rights regarding children in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. When necessary, Susan has litigated and resolved grandparents’ rights and third-party visitation rights and custody issues in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Susan and her staff work diligently to ensure that all parties’ rights are protected.